Light Up Sioux Falls

On March 30, 2020, Sioux Falls came together to light up the night. The purpose was to show support and appreciation for healthcare workers here and around the world; to spread hope to those who are sick during this pandemic; and to honor businesses that have closed their doors, people who have lost their jobs, and those who are struggling with mental health. The event was an overwhelming success.

As a result, organizer Tony Erickson decided to take the event statewide. “These are trying times for everyone whether you’re a frontline worker, someone who is sick, a business owner that is hurting, or a person trying to work from home and help your children learn,” said Erickson. “But, as South Dakotans, we are strong, we are resilient, and we’re good at being there for one another.”

Let It Shine South Dakota

On May 1st, residents, communities, schools, and businesses across the state were invited to go outside to “let it shine.”

Helicopters, planes, and drones took to the skies, and photographers captured photos of businesses, schools, and households. Everyone was urged to turn on their lights that night. At the Sioux Falls event, families took to their driveways and yards, using flashlights, fire pits, Christmas lights and everything in between. A Facebook livestream of that event had reached almost 90-thousand people and 36-thousand people engaged in the post.

“As I hung out the side of the helicopter with my camera that night, I was blown away by all the twinkling lights over Sioux Falls. I could see everything and it’s almost hard to put into words,” said Collin McKenzie, partner with Storybuilt Media which helped with the project. “I’m looking forward to seeing what South Dakota looks like all lit up as well.”


You Are Essential – Shine A Light On Hunger

On May 20, 2020, the “You Are All Essential” campaign began with the idea that everyone is essential right now, as human beings, teachers, office workers, delivery persons, parents and in whatever contribution you’re making in life, work and to others.

As frontline workers, health care workers and others get the attention they rightly deserve for their efforts, HS wanted to make sure to honor the mom who is now a teacher, the kind neighbor or even strangers with signs that recognized “You are Essential.”

The signs were constructed by HS Sign Shop and have since been posted by people all over town. Proceeds from the signs benefit Feeding South Dakota – with an initial goal of feeding over 30,000 families.

Feeding South Dakota and the food banks that serve our 66 counties are under an extreme amount of stress. They are working especially hard to meet food demand of the hungry, serving approximately 9 times their typical amount of meals. Again, HS aimed to help solve a problem.

The partnership was a way for our creative team and their dedicated staff to work together and bring some relief to hungry South Dakota families. It was also a way to do something constructive during a lot of uncertainty.